"Umid” Support to Social Development Public Union has initiated to implement the project titled "Organizing Awareness-Raising Activities on Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Measures on Substance Abuse at the Community Level” with the financial support of the Agency for State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The methodology of the project is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle of adolescents and young adults, to break bad habits and to prepare healthy youth for society.

The project will be implemented for 4 months (February 1 - June 1, 2022) in "Gobu Park-1", "Gobu Park-2" and "Gobu Park-3" residential complexes located in Lokbatan settlement of Garadagh district in Baku where IDP families reside compactly.

The main goal of the project is to slow down the growth dynamics of bad habits by educating adolescents and young adults living in IDP communities, to influence and support young adults to make healthier personal choices by providing them with helpful information about the consequences of drug use and addiction.

Within the framework of the project, preliminary research will be conducted in the target area, 4 meetings will be held with focus groups (parents, youth, teachers, NGO leaders, etc.). At the next stage, 16 awareness-raising trainings on healthy lifestyle and drug use will be organized, 1,000 booklets on the project topic will be prepared and distributed to members of the IDP community (parents, teachers, adolescents, youth, etc.).

As a result of the project activities, the knowledge of 240 IDP adolescents and young people living in the target area, on healthy lifestyles and drug use will be increased by 30%. IDP adolescents or young people living in the area where the trainings to be taken place will reduce tobacco use by 5-10% after the trainings. A total of 940 people (240 people directly, 700 people indirectly) will benefit from the project.