My enthusiasm was so strong that I made bricks with my own hands to build the beauty salon

We believe this lady is the one, who earns an honest living as "the old brick maker”, the hero of Great Nizami.

Riyane Gafarova, the ninth child in her family, was born in Piral village of Gusar region. The greatest dream of the girl, who had grown up in very difficult conditions, was to get higher education and set up her own business. However, due to financial difficulties, she could not complete her education and started to earn her living, no doubt supporting her parents.

One day, close neighbor told Riyane about people, who came to the village to announce about apprentice courses. Riyane was happy to apply for hairdressing course organized with the European Union financial support. Riyane Gafarova, who has two small children, participated in the courses and trainings conducted at the regional center of Gusar during 4 months, 3 times a week coming by bus from a distance of 20 km.

Riyane says: "When I was watching fashion shows on TV, I dreamed about styling ladies with new haircuts and make-up, today I have possessed a profession. Now my biggest goal in life is to open a beauty salon”.

In the beginning of the course, Riyane and other participants knew that young people, who successfully complete the course, would be supported to set up their own small businesses. And it happened. Riyane, a successful course completer became one of participants, whose Business Plan was supported within the project.

Being steady in her purpose, Riyane decided to build a salon with mud bricks, since she did not have financial means.

And the necessary beauty salon equipment was provided through the project.

Today at the age of 28, Riyane is an Azerbaijani lady, who has her feet kept firmly on the ground and earns an honest living.

To the question: "Could you benefit from this project?” Riyane replied: "Oh! certainly, I learned the secrets of this profession by attending the course. Organized trainings stimulated me to set up my business. My enthusiasm was so strong that I built the salon with my own hands and necessary equipment was provided on the account of this project. Finally I reached my goal!”

This success history will keep alive in our memories for a long time. This lady deserves the praise for such struggle to survive.