In Praise of Water

In Praise of Water
Every member of our community is thankful to EU for getting an access to clean water. Have a long life like water!

There will always be sunshine after the rain

Early 1990th brought dark clouds of heavy rains to Rustamova Sayyara’s life as well, as they did with more than 800 000 Internally Displaced People. In April 1993 the dark clouds brought severe "Daghlig Garabag” storm which destroyed the house, fruitful garden, cattle, joyful living of The Rustamovs’ in Kalbajar region and brougt the family to Nematabad village of Yevlakh region.

Shollar water


Now, a great part of Shahnezerli village is using "Shollar” water as drinking purposes

Shahnezerli community of Shabran rayon suffered from lack of potable water for long years. Despite of existence of potable water line in the village, only 3-4 local families can use this water since the water line is out of order. Other families carried water or were obliged to use ditch water for drinking purposes after purifying it. Though the project’s implementation delayed for

Talent is a key of success

"Talent is a key of success”Substantial increase  in  the number of Computer’s users is noticed not only in big cities and settlements, also in rural ... 

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence

Implementation of "Community Based Support to Producers of Milk and Dairy Products” with the financial support of USAID and BP and Partners since ... 

Next achievement on Apprenticeship component

"Umid” Support to Social Development Public Union puts signature to new successes in a direction of community development and youth’s employment.   Rasulov Togrul, ... 

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