There are more than 400,000 people with disabilities in Azerbaijan. Although some of them participate in society, some of them live at home, behind closed doors. Actually, public or state should take care of physically weak people.

Our hero Mr. Aliyev Tural is one of them. He was born on the 7th of March 1984 in Sumgait. In 1995, his father got industrial injury during work process and was dismissed for that reason. Because of financial difficulties, the Aliyev family was forced to move to the Aghalig village of Shabran district. In his early childhood, Tural suffered from serious illnesses, although he received treatment for several times, it was impossible to prevent the abnormality of his upper and lower limbs. As a result, Tural received the degree of third group disability in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Tural has interested in mobile phones and their repair. One day, his friend informed him of the Apprenticeship courses realized under the EU-funded "Rural Sustainable Development Initiative” project by "Umid" SSD PU. So, Tural applied to "Umid" SSD to participated in the courses and successfully completed there. In order to set up his own business, Tural addressed to "Umid" SSD with Business plan. According to the business plan with positive feedback, Tural built "Mobile Phone Repair" center in Aghalig community and got the new equipment under "Jump Start Economic Project" with the financial support of the European Union. Now, even the customers from the neighboring communities come to his center to repair their phones. All of these show that with talent and purposefulness one can overcome all obstacles to succeed in life.