"Umid" Support to Social Development Public Union ("Umid" SSD) is an independent national NGO of Azerbaijan working to help the marginalized segment of the population, in resolving their basic needs and social problems, improving the education condition, developing communities, creating economic opportunities for the people etc.

"Umid" SSD launched its activity in a small IDP community in Sumgait area in 1997 with implementation of a small-scale lending project, and initiated a reputation for successful performance and innovation with this project and has grown ever since.

"Umid" SSD is dedicated to the implementation of training and citizen empowerment. Its projects focus on the development of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Limited Liability Companies, School-Teacher Associations, Community Development Councils (CDC), newly operatinlocal NGOs.

What is our vision?
We strive to be a pioneering institution specialized responding the international standards and exemplary at developing and empowering Azerbaijani community- based and entrepreneurship institutions. In overall our vision is to see our people developed and self sustaining.

What do we do?
We provide the skills, tools and funds needed to foster social development of the commynity based institutions in terms of effectiveness, financial self-reliance, and sustainability in rendering vital services to their communities. We likewise promote the adoption of accountable and transparent financial and management practices and partner with local and international NGOs and NGO networks to facilitate knowledge sharing and coordination.

Our activity directions:
·Community Socio-Economic Development
·Agricultural Development
·Economic Opportunities Extension
·Research, Assessment& Innovation