"Umid" Support to Social Development Public Union has initiated to implement the project titled "Support to local government and self-government bodies" in fulfilling the obligations specified in implementing the National Action Plan (AP) for the Promotion of Open Government 2020-2022 approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 27, 2020, No. 1859. The project will be carried out under the Empowering Civil Society Organizations for Transparency (ECSOFT) program funded by USAID Azerbaijan Mission. The project covers the period from March 2 to July 31, 2022.

The activities under this consultancy will be managed from the office in Baku. After completion of the project’s initial preparations (sign of contract, preparation of questionnaires, agreement with the donor, "One-page information document" etc.), the work to accomplish the given goal will be split into 5 activities across the main objectives identified under this consultancy.

Activity 1.1: The implementation level of "National Action Plan for the Promotion of Open Government 2020-2022" will be studied in the target districts as Guba, Khachmaz and Shabran and a report will be prepared. For this purpose, individual meetings will be held, and surveys will be conducted in 12 target communities, 12 local government agencies, 12 CDCs, 4 NGOs and 4 Entrepreneurial entities, surveys will be analyzed and a presentation on the results will be prepared.

Expected Result: Gain a greater perspective on the implementation National Action Plan (AP) for the Promotion of Open Government 2020-2022, through the study of targeted districts.

Activity 1.2: Screenshots of Social media pages (Facebook, etc.) of 12 target municipalities and 12 CBOs will be created, those pages will be shared among the public. These pages will include about 50 pieces of information such as municipal recruitment, conflict of interest, municipal budget execution, municipal acts, municipal council decisions.

Expected Result: Dissemination of key pieces of information through targeted social media channels for the 12 targeted municipalities

Activity 2.1: 2 online "Practical Consultations” will be held in each 12 target municipalities. Community members will be informed of social media pages and written cards will be distributed in NGOs, entities, schools, places where community members gather.

Expected Result: Increase the knowledge of 200-300 of community members on the responsibility of government agencies and municipalities.

Activity 2.2: An online "Practical Consultation” on "Use of e-government portal services” will be held in each of 12 target communities. Online payment of utility bills, internet, telephone costs, fines of com. members will be made, information on other e-service portals, and rules of their use will be provided.

Expected Result: As a result of the "practical consultations” at least 50 families in 12 communities would have made utility and other payments through payment portals (hesab.az, etc.), and relevant institutions will be contacted for providing at least 2 electronic payment terminals in these communities.

Activity 2.3: 2 online workshops will be held with the participation of all target groups. The workshops will be attended by 12 target communities, representatives of 12 local ExComs, 12 CDCs, 4 NGOs and 4 Entrepreneurial entities, representatives of the regional SMBD, donor, Local Government-Civil Society Dialogue Platform for Open Government Promotion, Employees of the regional offices of the Ministry of Economy, etc. A press release will be prepared and posted on online media sites. A press release on the workshops will be prepared and posted on several online media sites. The workshop will discuss the proposals or demands (at least 30 proposals) by target community groups, municipalities, and others, and the collected proposals will be submitted to the relevant executive authorities. Creation of "Government-Civil Society Dialogue Platform” in at least 1 district.

Expected Result: Local Government-Civil Society Dialogue Platform” for the Promotion of Open Government has been created in at least 1 district; Proposals from target communities shared with relevant executive authorities.