The meetings, roundtables concerning the inter-community experience exchange are regularly organized to strengthen inter-community integration and learn positive experience within"Socio-Economic Development Activity”project. The next such a meeting took place in Alpan village of Guba rayon. Alpan, Ashaghi KhuchCommunity Development Committeemembers of Guba rayon, LejetCommunity Development Committeemembers of Khachmaz rayon, Municipality and ExCom representatives participated in the meeting. During the meeting, Alpan Community Development Committeemembers provided extensive information about community's establishment date, implemented projects, their implementation stages, occurred problems and challenges, their solving methods. A meeting attendee-Head of Municipality, Mr. Azizov expressed his deep gratitude to"Socio-Economic Development Activity”project executors emphasizing that based on the achieved results and positive experiences upon starting cooperation with"Socio-Economic Development Activity”program, they could involve new donors in solving rural priority challenges and problems. The detailed presentation on the implemented projects or the ones planned to implement in Alpan community was made with support of meeting attendees as well as the employees of Guba office of"Socio-Economic Development Activity”program.

Experience exchange visit made positive impressions on the members of Lejet and Ashaghi Khuch community newly started to cooperate within"Socio-Economic Development Activity”program. The attendee-LejetCommunity Development Committeemember Mr. Babayev expressed that, the done works in Alpan village by community residents, on-site observation of achieved results, and conduction of information exchange directly with the individuals attended the process of project implementation would result in stepping enthusiastically on the direction of achieving our goals as the communities newly joined to the program. He completed his speech with the proverb:"Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times”.