Now, a great part of Shahnezerli village is using "Shollar” water as drinking purposes

Shahnezerli community of Shabran rayon suffered from lack of potable water for long years. Despite of existence of potable water line in the village, only 3-4 local families can use this water since the water line is out of order. Other families carried water or were obliged to use ditch water for drinking purposes after purifying it. Though the project’s implementation delayed for two years in Shahnezerli community due to technical problems, the community inhabitants did not lose their hopes for construction of potable water line, and waited impatiently for start of the project. At last, this day came.

In a hot June summer day, the village inhabitants heard voice of heavy techniques, and witnessed work of tractors and a process of bringing materials to the village area.During 5 days, construction of water lines was completed under support of the local inhabitants and Municipality Head. And water was given to the village for testing of the lines.Though a water was given for a very less time, the community inhbaitants’ happiness has no limit. Asadulla Teacher, being a respected person of Shahnezerli village, appreciated the work highly and expressed his gratitude by the name of all village inhabitants.As well as, additional tank was installed for improvement of water supply of the rural inhabitantsin the village.

Now, a great part of Shahnezerli village is using "Shollar” water as drinking purposes.