"Umid” Support to Social Development Public Union puts signature to new successes in a direction of community development and youth’s employment.

Rasulov Togrul, whowasinvolved in CISCO (CCNA) course on establishment and management of computer network equipment during 01 June, 2010 – 27 August, 2010 within frameworks of "Initiative of Extension of Youth’s Employment and Economic Opportunities along Baku Corridor”project, which had been implemented by "Umid” SSD PU under financial support of BP and Partners, passed an examination in AIC GROUP company being a representation of CISCO on October 27, 2010, and received CISCO (CCNA) international certificate.

Upon completion the apprenticeship course, Togrul was hired as a Technician (admin assistant) in Global Network company. But curently, he works as Chief Engineer in a Center of Investigation of Innovations in Hational Hydrometerology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic.

Participation and successes of the youth in such kind of international competitions or exams through their stimulation and motivation via involvement in the apprenticeship courses is a great and new achievement in a direction of Community Development.