"Talent is a key of success”
Substantial increase  in  the number of Computer’s users is noticed not only in big cities and settlements, also in rural areas.  It is remarkable that in majority of villages internet clubs and service centers are functioning which are enabling  the youth to be aware of computer technology closely. Mammadov Aykhan is one of the youths living in Zayam settlement of Shamkir region.  His father is a martyr of Garabakh war. Though his family’s economic condition was very low, Aykhan finished the secondary school successfully.  Although he desired to study in high school, lack of  material input hindered him to apply. Hence, he decided to become a computer specialist. Since his school years he was willing to enhance his computer skills and learn office programs.  In order to master computer programs, he had to pay for his course and to buy computer to practice his knowledge at home.  Aykhan’s mother got credit for computer purchase which enabled Aykhan to empower his computer abilities and he used to maintain computer spare parts in his free time.  Even he offered his free service of repairing computers of his neighbours.  One day Aykhan got information on apprenticeship courses within the project of "Economic Capacity Building for Youth” - implemented by Umid SSD.  He applied to computer courses and on April 1, 2011 he was selected by the Selection Commission to be involved in 3 months apprenticeship course.  Mr.Azer, his master, appreciated Aykhan as a hardworking, responsible, flexible apprentice with high ability to comprehend computer technology.  Starting from the 2nd month of the apprenticeship course, Aykhan implemented the tasks independently.  Some times ago he was only amateur, but upon completion of the apprenticeship course, he could set up his own business of computer maintenance.  Aykahn is preparing his business plan to submit to Umid SSD to be supported with JSEP grant. We look forward to seeing him enhancing  his business in the future and  getting considerable achievement in his occupation.