"Umid” Support to Social Development Public Union has started to implement the project titled "Expanding application of the principles of openness, transparency and accountability through further strengthening the role of civil society institutions in public life” under the Empowering Civil Society Organizations for Transparency (ECSOFT) program funded by USAID Azerbaijan Mission as of March 2, 2022. The success of this project has been greatly influenced by the establishment of close cooperation with all stakeholders, including Municipalities, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), NGOs, "Government-Civil Society Dialogue Platform on Promotion of Open Government", central and local ExComs.
Talabigishlag CBO is one of the organizations that collaborated on the project. Talabigishlag Municipality operates in Guba rayon. The municipality includes 6 villages as Kucheyi, Kharosha, Jaghajik, Talabi, Tohmar and Talabigishlag. There are 5390 people living there in total (2640 men, 2750 women, 692 young people). Its area is of 4000 ha. The municipality's territory is devoid of any payment terminals. Helpless villagers have to regularly travel to the rayon center to pay for their utilities, banking, insurance, internet, cable TV, and other services. Consequently, their commuting expenses go up, they waste time, and become physically exhausted. The municipality of this community made a formal request to the relevant institution for the installation of a "MilliÖn" payment terminal as a result of the advice provided within the aforementioned project in order to soothe the villagers and to somewhat lower their costs. The institution gave the Municipality's request a favorable response and has begun collaborating with Emin Idrisov, the owner of the business facility where the payment terminal will be located. The villagers' comfort will be guaranteed and their ability to make payments quickly and conveniently will be made possible thanks to the successful outcome of this partnership.