Our achievements

Over a period of 26 years, "Umid" SSD, as a leading consultant in capacity building, institutional development and community development in the country, has cooperated with the government of Azerbaijan, BP, USAID, UNHCR, EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, World Bank and has participated in provision of consulting services and implementation of development projects. Through the long-term cooperation with these organizations, the organization has made great strides, has led a push for improving public welfare through its innovative community approaches such as organizing information-consulting services on community development, providing trainings, information sessions, coaching, on-the-job trainings, Training of Trainers for target groups, development and improvement of value chains, sharing experience in conducting Cost-Benefit Analysis of the evolving methodology of Community Development Micro-Projects, Apprenticeship method, Community Participatory Assessment, etc.
During its operation period, "Umid" SSD has supported the mobilization of more than 300 local rural communities covering most regions of Azerbaijan, formation of Community Groups, capacity building, stakeholder involvement, participatory organization, networking and transformation of those communities into transparent, self-sustaining community-based organizations.
"Umid" SSD is one of the first national organizations who successfully completed a one-week USAID's Detailed Planning Training in Kiev and developed a Strategic Plan with the support of USAID and received training courses from INTRAC (Oxford) for Monitoring and Evaluation.
"Umid" SSD won the Caucasus Network for Children (CNC) Strategic Plan Competition announced by Interkulturelles Zentrum (IZ) based in Vienna/Austria, trained the members of the NGO Network on South Caucasus Education in Tbilisi and Vienna on the development of the Strategic Plan, and facilitated the development of the network's Strategic Plan. Last but not least, "Umid" SSD provided evaluation process of the project titled "Care to Early IDP Children through the training and wide community participation” (Child Development Centers) implemented within the framework of ECCD Program of UNICEF, as well as, evaluation of the impact of "Food Security” project, implemented by Acción contra el Hambre (ACH) in Aghjabadi & Beylagan rayons, on the beneficiaries.
The project titled "Improvement of Potable water provision in communities along BTC/SCP” (implemented jointly with BTC/SCP Co. funding shareholders) gained the organization to be the national winner of "The 2007 World Award for Sustainability” – the Energy Globe. "Umid" SSD’s practice in the Community Water Management project was shared in UNESCO’s Regional Conference in Support of Global Literacy, Addressing Literacy Challenges in Europe with a sub-regional focus, named "Building Partnerships and Promoting Innovative Approaches”, in 2008, Geneva; there the organization’s representative presented the effective practice of "Umid" SSD on raising literacy on health through this project.     
"Umid" SSD has developed guidelines on community development, community project management, has published related articles (Role of Community Development in Shaping the Economic Development Model of Azerbaijan (based on examples), Increase of Economic Development and Employment Opportunities in Communities), has developed a methodical aid titled "Role of Community Management (Development) in the Development of Civil Society” and a curricular program titled "New Trends in Community Development and Public Relations”. In addition, "Umid" SSD is the author of research and policy documents on Corporate Social Responsibility in Azerbaijan, Social Entrepreneurship, NGO Management, and has developed study materials, programs, and textbooks in these areas.